• Discover the Secrets of the Universal Laws with Revolutioniz

    It is scientifically proven that what we perceive as reality is actually frequencies or wavelengths. Our senses can perceive only 4% of the matter in the Universe. The remaining 96% remains invisible to our senses. However this 96% is governed by laws known as Universal Laws. Revolutioniz helps you to understand these laws and use them to your advantage. You can benefit immensely with these Universal laws. Understanding these Universal laws is the key to lead a rewarding and prosperous life.

    Revolutioniz is a remarkable book, available in 2 parts. Until recently it was believed that amongst all creations only humans have developed the ability to understand nature completely. But there is still a vast amount of information about nature that humans are unaware. Our senses cannot sense around 96 % of the information around us. This information cannot be perceived by our senses however there are laws known as Universal Laws which govern it. Just as we cannot see ultraviolet or infrared light or hear ultrasound but we know it exists, similarly we know that Universal laws also exist. These laws affect our day to day life. There is nothing called as bad luck. It is in fact these laws which work for or against us. We cannot change these laws but we can use them to enrich our lives, achieve success and get the desired results.

    Revolutioniz presents unique concepts and techniques which can help in understanding the reasons behind how things work for or against us. By making simple changes you can turn around everything to your advantage. These are truly revolutionary concepts which if used properly can help you lead a successful life and achieve everything that you dreamed.

    Revolutioniz can benefit everyone especially those who feel dejected, demotivated and blame everything on luck. The concepts explained in Revolutioniz can truly alter their present and future. Even those people who have achieved some level of success and are not satisfied with it can benefit from Revolutioniz. This is a path breaking book and can help everyone immensely.


    The scientific concepts behind Universal Laws are explained in great detail in Revolutioniz and if these are applied correctly it can work wonders for the readers.


    Lack of audio visual medium is felt however the charts and maps sufficiently make up for it.

    Customer Reviews

    "Before reading Revolutioniz my life was a mess however my life has made a complete turnaround after I read Revolutioniz."

    Phillip Meyers

    "Thanks to Revolutioniz I’m leading a happier and healthier life."


    Bottom Line

    Revolutioniz has the power to greatly influence our lives. It is the remedy for all our worries. By following the simple techniques mentioned in Revolutioniz we can make remarkable changes to our existence. We can use the Universal Laws to our advantage and change things for the better. Our senses perceive only 4% of the information. The other 96% remains hidden from us. Revolutioniz is the key to unlock the information around this 96% of information and use this information to make our lives better in all aspects.

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